Filmmortal is a revolutionary tool which enables Filmmakers and Advertisers to bid on Product Placement opportunities in REAL TIME. The company was founded on the principle to help aspiring and talented indie filmmakers get their dream projects made by receiving financial aid in return for placing products and brands in scenes or storylines. The worlds biggest companes are now looking towards Product Placement since the advent of DVR and TIVO, which enables audiences to simply skip million dollar ads at the click of a button.

Filmmortal automates and makes transparent, the cumbersome task of settling the level of financial support that will be provided by the advertisers. Filmmortal is a labor of love, as the founders themselves understand the pain and difficulties faced by filmmakers who toil on scripts and ideas for years only to have their vision demolished by lack of funds or studio support. Some of the best cinema in our times have been indie films..From No Country For Old Men and every Coen Brothers movie... to Reservoir Dogs or Pi, Requiem For a Dream.. etc. In fact most Oscar nominiees in 2008 are indie films! So if you have a script for a brilliant TV show or a film and need that moolah, you need to register right now!

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Did you know that some of the best directors including Stanley Kubrick (contacted 50 companies to ask them to place their products in 2001 A Space Odyssey), Steven Spielberg (ET loved those 'Reeses' candy pieces!); have used product placement to increase the budgets of their films! Some of the biggest companies will look at your film idea on Filmmortal, and it's up to you how you integrate or place their product.

So here's what you do:1. Register as a Filmmaker
2. Fill out your profile, some background will help
3. List your project details with story, screenshots, video pitch, posters.. etc.
4. Mention how much money you're seeking
5. How or where in the film will you display an advertisers product. Be creative.
6. Advertisers on our site will then start bidding!

Once your bid period ends, or an advertiser reaches your required level of funding, simply choose that advertisers from our intuitive, Filmmakers control panel. Both parties will be notified by email. You can upload private documents or even screenshots etc. Discuss logistics, such as delivery of the product to you, how you will place it or integrate it in the storyline.. etc. After the deal is finalized, the advertiser will release the funds to us. Filmmortal will send you the funds directly to your bank account or Paypal account!

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Since the advent of DVR and TIVO your target audiences and consumers now have unprecedented control and the ability to disregard a million dollar ad. There is also the problem or extreme amounts of clutter in the form of billboards, flyers, telemarketing, Goodyear blimps and even writings in the sky advertising the latest detergent!

Wouldn't you like to break away from these dying forms of advertising and have your brand immortalized on celluloid? Filmmortal is the world's first LIVE and transparent product placement auction marketplace. Usually product placement deals were done behind closed doors, where scripts of movies and TV shows under production; were passed around to ad agencies as if they were government secrets. The highest bidder would get to place their products in the film or TV show. Filmmortal has revolutionized and made transparent, this process; allowing you to be notified of new scripts and ideas for upcoming projects in your inbox or to your Blackberries.. in REAL TIME!

So here's what you do:1. Register as an advertiser
2. Fill out your profile, what agency, brands do you represent.. etc
3. if you have products you'd like to have placed in films, then start a
4. give details about your brand or product and how much money you're willing
to provide to our filmmakers
5. any specific way you want the product displayed?
6. filmmakers on our site will then start bidding!
7. otherwise you simply browse current projects and start bidding to meet
the filmmakers requirements!

And since we believe in fair play, the advertiser who gets there first and bids the highest amount, to fulfil the filmmakers budget - wins! That means having your product become a part of popular culture for years to come. Your product can also be featured on the movie or shows DVD jackets, press kits distributed at events such as premiere's Sundance, Cannes, Venice, San Francisco, New York, Berlin Film Festivals. You can also choose to sponsor post-festival parties attended by the movers and shakers and people with high buying powers. Resses's candy sales jumped by 65% after the release of ET, the 45MM Magnum shot up by 70% since Clint Eastwood started using them in Dirty Harry!

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